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Server info

Greek Minecraft Dedicated Server info:
CPU power : 8 Threads
Ram: 8 Gb DDR3
HD: 2x1TB (Raid)



1) Vote 4 us HERE

2) Register and read the rules for permitions

3) Read the in game player commands:

a) Lock your chest:
          /lockchest enable punch the chest and type /lockchest lock
b) look your lvl:
          /lvl (for all level commands) - /lvl all (see your lvls)
c) Money:
          /money (look your money) /money rank (look your rank)
d) Make money:
          /jobs (look all commands about jobs) /jobs browse (look available jobs) /jobs join <jobname> (join a job) /jobs leave <jobname> (leave a job)
e) Gold to RainbowCoins:
Watch this VIDEO
          /Shop sell gold <goldbarsnumber> (Sell your goldignots for RainbowCoins) /shop buy gold <goldbarsnumber> (Buy goldbars with RainbowCoins)
f) Stock (make more money):
          /stocks top5 (look the top 5 stocks ) /stocks buy <stockname> <number> (buy stocks) /stocks sell <stockname> <number>/all (sell your stocks)
g) Create shop:
          (Skype support for VIP's)
h) Buy from a Shop (Goldbar currency):
          right click on the chest - put the gold inside the chest - right click on the sign - open the chest and get your items
i) Home:
          /home set (set your home)
j) Vampire:
          /v (all commands about vampire)
k) Residence:
          /res market buy <landname> (buy a land) /res market sell <landname> <price>(sell a land)
l) Mail
          /mail send <name> <message> (send a mail ingame) /mail read (read a mail ingame)


IP: rainbow-mcgrs.servegame.com


Have fun. Greek fun ;-)

Admin: padakoys
Owner: padakoys
Co-Owner: rozouli