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ECONOMY details
/money ( you will see your ballance : RainbowCoins )
/money ? ( more commands )
Gold ignot price: 500.00 RainbowCoins
Commands to sell/buy Gold ignot:

/gsworth || /gsprice - displays the current sale price for the item
/gssell || /gsell [Block Option] - sell x of item taken directly from your inventory

The block options are ~ and *
Append the special character to the end of the amount like so:
/gssell 20~ - this sells 20 of the item in your inventory and counts blocks as 9x where applicable
/gssell 20* - same as ~ but will return your "change" in blocks if applicable
These characters do nothing if not applicable or not allowed

/gsbuy || /gbuy - buy x of item and insert it directly into your inventory
/stocks top5
/stocks lookup
/stocks buy
/stocks sell

JOBS ( How to earn money ):

/jobs browse - View a list of the available jobs.
/jobs join [job name] - Join the job.
/jobs leave [job name] - Leave the job.
/jobs info [job name] [break, place, kill] - view information about that job.
/jobs stats - view your job level and experience needed to level up.

PLEASE TYPE THE COMMANDS CORRECT. you dont want to lose your money ;)
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